– and other stories about describing reality

Photo: Poul Rasmussen
Design: Christian Ramsøe

For fifteen years, Peter Øvig Knudsen has been writing books about some of the most dramatic and painful events in recent Danish history.

On the one hand he has enjoyed wide recognition and awards from the public at large, while on the other hand, the books have given rise to fierce discussion and brutal criticism from some of the persons involved.

In “The Head Shot”, the author revisits some of the most serious conflicts he has had with living sources and he talks about some of the compromises he has had to agree to while trying to discover the true essence of the story. Through these stories Peter Øvig Knudsen gives us an insight into the reflections and challenges associated with giving true accounts.

Published in Danish only (Gyldendal, 2014).


“As always, Peter Øvig Knudsen’s new book is tremendously well written and replete with illustrative examples which give the reader an unusually candid insight into the many ethical dilemmas encountered by journalists.”
Charlotte Aagaard, Information

“The Head Shot is outstanding … a must for journalists and historians and in general everyone whose task is to describe reality.”
Morten Frich, Berlingske Tidende

“The Head Shot is fundamentally a troubled documentary writer’s honest attempt to turn the magnifying glass on himself and his sources.”
Niels Barfoed, Politiken

“His books have an inevitability about them, and it is hard to believe that somebody else could have written them if an Øvig had not existed.”
Nils Gunder Hansen, Kristeligt Dagblad

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